Ties That Bind

My next book is getting closer and closer to launch.  I am going over edits and getting ready to send it out to my ARC readers.  The cover is almost ready to be revealed.  And then, hopefully by the end of the month, a brand new stand alone novel will be ready to go!

This is a huge change of pace from my usual writing, but after brainstorming with someone, I couldn’t stop thinking about this story and the characters who populated this world.  This is a very dark romance.  It of course has a happy ending, and it’s definitely high on the steamy level, probably steamier than I’ve ever written before, but it is also very different.

Once the ARCs go out, I’ll share more about it!


Conflict of Interest is Available on Amzon

Conflict of Interest – Book four from Billion Dollar headlines is Available for .99 on Amazon or free with Kindle Unlimited!

I took a risk with Conflict of Interest and wrote it from Ian’s point of view, but I honestly think it’s what the series needed and I stand by the chance to let readers know what he’s thinking.  Stone, Vivian, and Jason of course make appearances, as does Ian’s grandfather, and of all four of the books out so far, this is my favorite.

I just hope you all enjoy reading it as much as I enjoyed writing it.


Billion Dollar Headlines Book Four

Whoa, I’ve been naughty

I haven’t been posting on my blog as much as I probably should – but I look at it this way, the more I post here, the less writing I do.

I’ve added a few more books to my books page!  And I just launched the third book in the Billion Dollar Headlines series – Stop the Press.  (I’m hoping to get book 4 our asap.)

So, I really enjoyed writing Stop the Press, but Conflict of Interest, is book 4 and it’s really gearing up to be a roller coaster of a ride.  I’ll admit, I got a bit teary while writing it and scrapped a few chapters because I just couldn’t handle what I had planned for my characters – not that there would be anything but a happy ending. I needed and wanted this book to be the turning point.  It’s when both Ian and Merideth need to make a decision and their relationship makes a huge change.

I’m also gearing up to launch a 100k+ word novel.  This is a huge novel and I’ll be honest, we’re having difficulties trying to decide if I can even call it Romance.  I say I can, but then I’m also justifying it.  Anyway, Love & Pain is a behemoth of a book that’s been a few years in the making and through several different versions and revisions.

If you want a chance to read this novel for free, before anyone else, sign up at Book Sprout before May 15.  It’s really easy and I am really excited for this app.

  • Download the App
  • Sign up for a new account
  • Put Reese Patton in the search field
  • Follow me
  • And in May, I’ll send out Love & Pain to my Book Sprout followers

Seriously, it’s that easy.

Off the Record is Available!

Okay, so if you’re looking for a short and steamy read but want all the goodness of a novel without all the length, definitely check out Off the Record


Rich. Powerful. Sexy.

Never a good combination when found in a man – and Ian Stirling, publisher of the Daily Herald, possesses all of them in excess.

Merideth Gardner leaves her interview at the Daily Herald ready to give up on her dream of working for a daily city paper when fate intervenes. All she has to do is help Ian convince his grandfather that he’s given up his philandering ways.

Seven days. She only has to pretend she’s in love with Ian for seven days. And on the seventh day she’ll get her prize – a place on the features desk.

It’s a simple business transaction. An exchange of services. But then the story changes and Merideth finds herself doing the one thing she knows she can’t do – she falls for Ian.

Will Ian go on the record with his feelings for Merideth? Or is their relationship destined to be off the record?

The Billion Dollar Headlines series delivers a short and sexy novella to your doorstep every two weeks. Perfect for when you want a hot story but don’t have a lot of time.Read Off the Record while it’s Hot!

I need to write…

Whether you placed your tent in the literary camp or dove into the waters of of the genre/commercial pool, the problems are ultimately the same.

We find reasons not to write.  We find excuses for why we aren’t getting done what we want to get done – what we say we will get done.  (So much for me hitting 6000 words today, but I had a reason, I swear.)

I’m very good at finding reasons why I can’t write.  Never why I shouldn’t.  Each night I make a list of things needed to be done for the next day and I’m lucky if I get them crossed off.

Now, lists aren’t inherently bad.  In fact, I think they are good to have.  The problem I have, is that I tend to jump around the list and nothing ever gets completely done.

Let’s take today for example.  I needed to get my ARCs out (I did that), I made some fixes and hit the publish button on Amazon and launch Off the Record.  But instead of jumping into what I should have been doing, I found reasons why I couldn’t.

I need to get the newsletter together to announce the launch.

I need to get promotions confirmed.

I need to complain to my tribe about things not moving the way I want.

Yet, I never once said I need to write.  I said I should write during most of the afternoon, but I never said I needed to.

I am giving myself a pass today.  However, tomorrow is a brand new day and I plan on leaping into it with both feet.

Tomorrow I will need to write.

ARCs for Off the Record are Out!

So I just released Off the Record to the ARCs!  (BTW, I am always interested in gaining more ARC readers – all you need is a membership on Goodreads, you won’t get any extra emails.  Just drop me a message on Goodreads – I’m Reese Patton!)

So excited to see this novella go out the door.  Now just to fix a few of the uncorrected errors we found after uploading the file.  (Yeah, ain’t life a bitch?)

I expect the first book in this hot (and by hot I mean steamy scenes and all tons of fun drama) new series to hit Amazon in another few days.

And guess what?  It’s going to be free!  Yep, I am launching the book with a few free days.

Now to get settled down to finishing editing Pick and getting that novel out the door too.

This is such a busy week for me and yet I can happily say that I crossed everything off my to do list for this work session.  It’s a first!

Excerpt from Off The Record

What better way to learn more about Merideth and Ian than reading a very short excerpt from the exciting newsroom romance – Off the Record.


The image of Merideth swinging her fist right at Ian’s cheek flashed through her mind.  She wasn’t normally a violent person, but something about the man in front of her pushed at her buttons.  “Well then, I suppose I can walk out of your office and out the building without consequence.”  The only thing preventing Merideth from doing just as she said was her curiosity.  She didn’t think Ian Stirling beckoned her to his office just to question her decision to interview with the entertainment division of his own newspaper.

“Just ask her already, Ian, before she takes a swing at you.  Which she’s going to do anyway once you make you make your offer.  You don’t want to get hit twice.”  Jason piped up from the couch and this time Merideth craned her neck around and narrowed her eyes at him.

How had he known she fantasized about hitting Ian?

“Ms. Gardner.”  Ian’s voice grabbed her immediate attention.

“Merideth.”  She responded without any thought.

Ian stretched out in his chair and Merideth couldn’t help but notice his nicely toned body.  It was too bad his body was attached to his mouth.

“I have a proposition for you.”

Merideth blinked her eyes once.  Slowly.  “What are the parameters of the proposition?”

Once more Jason snickered behind her.

“My grandfather is arriving tomorrow and will be staying for one week.”

Again, Merideth blinked her eyes slowly.  “And I should be interested in this because?”

“He hasn’t been pleased with some of my decisions lately.”

This time instead of snickering, Jason snorted, as though he was trying to stifle laughter.

“If you agree to assist me for the duration of his visit, I will guarantee you a position at the national news desk.”

Merideth was positive she didn’t hear Ian right.  She could have sworn he promised her a coveted position at his newspaper if she agreed to be his assistant for one week.  “I’m not sure I’d make a very good assistant.”

The guffaw coming from Jason echoed around the room.  Apparently, he was past trying to hide his amusement.

Ian raised his eyebrows and almost smiled at her.  “I believe you’ve misunderstood me, Ms. Gardner.”